The Sea of Criticism

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They followed her everywhere

The opinions

Other’s opinions, not hers

They criticised her every move

What she did and didn’t do

Condescending and judgemental

Sharing unwanted advice

Constantly watching from the sidelines

Scrutinising every action

Always disapproving

They couldn’t be pleased.


She used to care what they said

Their opinions, not hers

She used to strive to appease them

But their satisfaction was never earned

She grew tired of it all

All the comments, the remarks

They made her feel insignificant

She refused to feel insignificant.


She stands taller now

She can hear their voices

Like sirens, calling out to her

Whispering, singing in her ear

Threatening to pull her down

But this is her sea

She chose to break away from them

To make her own rhyme, her own rhythm

To march to the beat of her own drum

To strive to achieve more

To hold nothing back

She listened to the opinions

Her opinions, not theirs.






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Footprints In The Sand

Would you like to take a stroll,

One foot in the water, one on the shore,

The waves lapping at your feet,

The sense of such tranquility.


As you make your way across the beach,

With the scenic view of the horizon, far beyond reach,

And the sound of leaves rustling in the wind,

You can imagine what this place must have been.


For now, plastic wrappers can be seen among the waves,

And the sand is littered, in people’s haste,

Because finding a trash can is far too complex,

For the human species (we’re much too dense).


Footprints in the sand will always wash away,

But to leave a permanent mark, we found another way

We destroy nature without thinking twice

And once it’s too late, we open our eyes.









Liebster Award Nomination

Hello there! So 2018’s just began and I couldn’t be happier that I was nominated for the Liebster award:)

So, I discovered that I can choose to abide by different sets of rules or something of the sort but I’ll just stick to these ones.

  • Display the picture of the award
  • Thank the person who has nominated you
  • write 10 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions asked
  • Nominate blogs that you like 
  • Ask them random questions 
  • list the rules 


2017-12-30 08527537945..jpg

Even if I didn’t have to do this, I would anyway, which is thanking the amazing blog that nominated me:)

I would love to thank Soren and Fox, and you must check out her blog, here’s a link:-

Her blog has some wonderful content on there, so a visit can’t hurt!


Okay now ten random facts…hmm let’s see

  1. I’m a dog person, I don’t quite like cats all that much. (Before you gasp, I have a valid reason.)
  2. I love reading, swimming, drawing and singing.
  3. I actually love school (surprisingly) but not because of the studies, because I get to meet all my amazing friends. Though I think going into the 9th this year might change that opinion.
  4. I started playing the guitar recently, and really enjoy it.
  5. I can raise both my eyebrows (individually, like one at a time)
  6. I can also move my ears (without touching them, duh) but I look pretty stupid when I do it.
  7. I’ve shifted around 14 houses since I was a baby. (And we may shift again!)
  8. I live in India, if you didn’t already know.
  9. I recently acquired loads of vintage comic books, and just really like comics in general. My favourites are: Archie, Calvin and Hobbes and Asterix and Obelix.
  10. My current favourite TV show is Stranger Things, but I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, American Ninja Warrior, Man With A Plan, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother and lots more.

Now to answer Soren and Fox’s questions, which are:

What makes you write blogs? Why do you write?

I wrote a blog mainly because I used to write a lot of poems and stories, so my mum suggested creating a blog to document all of it. I also like the idea of sharing my thoughts, opinions and ideas with other people.

I write because stories and poems can sometimes describe what you’re feeling much better than words.

What kind of music do you like? Why?

I don’t have a specific genre that I stick to, I just like songs that are catchy and fun to listen to.

Current favourite song: Crossfire by Stephen.


Here are the blogs I nominate:

  1. TRÈS CHIC BY TRISH – It’s a fashion blog by a really good friend of mine you should really check it out, she’ll give you all the latest fashion tips! (
  2. FICTIONATER – A blog by another friend of mine, go check it out! She has some really cool posts. (
  3. KAAVYA INDRAYAN – She posts some really deep stuff, go give it a read! (
  4. SUVITTI SIGHT – She hasn’t posted anything yet, but she writes well (I’ve read some of her stuff) and she’s going to post soon. (

My questions for these blogs are:

  • If you had to pick a movie that represented your life, which movie would it be?
  • What do you picture yourself doing in 15 years?

The rules are at the top of the page, just follow along, if you’re wondering what exactly you have to do.


Anyway, I hope to post something soon, so till then sayonara!






A Novel To Keep You Company

It’s Christmas time!

Which for normal people translates to a big Christmas tree, stockings, hot chocolate with marshmallows (yum), giving presents, receiving presents, meeting family and…you know the drill.

But for me, Christmas means holidays. And holidays, for the most part, mean me getting extremely bored because I have no good book to read.

Well, I’ve got a list of my 10 favourite books/book series for the bookworms out there that’ll keep you thoroughly engrossed.

BONUS: It also helps to have a book when an annoying family member tries to have a boring conversation with you.

Let’s get to the list, shall we?


  1. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
  2. The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater
  3. One Of Us Is Lying – Karen McManus
  4. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
  5. The Lockwood Series – Jonathan Stroud
  6. The Girl In Blue – P. G. Wodehouse
  7. Maze Runner – James Dashner
  8. Legend – Marie Lu
  9. Diabolic – S. J. Kincaid
  10. Fablehaven – Brandon Mull


Well, have fun being disconnected from the human world!

(PS: If you do read, or have read, any of these books, let me know if you like them)


Like pretty much every other teenager in the world, I love music.

And like pretty much every other teenager I also enjoy keeping up to date with all the current releases. I mean, I enjoy listening to the songs and all but when you’re a teenager, you’re meant to be well-versed in the current pop culture, otherwise other teenagers will collectively gasp at your lack of knowledge.

But like I said, I also enjoy it.

So I started playing the guitar this year, and upon a surge of inspiration, decided to start a band with a few of my friends. (The ironic part is, I’m not actually PLAYING the guitar in the band, I’m not that good yet, so i’m just doing vocals.)

Anyway, we haven’t done anything yet, but we hope to practice soon and after loads of not-quite-relevant band meetings, I decided to turn to the more emo side of YouTube and explore other bands.

I suppose I previously thought bands were overrated and hence chose not to listen to them, and I was right I WAS SO DAMN WRONG.

Bands, are GREAT. Now I know, some of them are pathetic (No, I’m not talking about mine, we’re getting there okay) but there are bands that’ll blow your MIND.

So i’m your typical EDM music obsessed teen, BUT NOW i’m obsessed with both EDM and not-EDM music.

So here is a list of songs you might never have come across but are really good.

(Warning: this is not your typical playlist with all the latest music by famous artists, this is a list of lesser known songs that you may just love as much as me.)


     1. HOUSE OF MEMORIES – Panic! At The Disco (band)

I recently started listening to them and they’re AMAZING. Although the band’s split up now so this song is only by the lead, but the next song on the list has all the P!ATD members.

 2. I WRITE SINS NOT TRAGEDIES – Panic! At The Disco                                                            (warning: the song has a bad word)


4. CHOKE – I don’t Know How But They Found Me (another band)

5. SLOW DOWN LOVE – Louis the Child feat. Chelsea Cutler

6. TALK IS OVERRATED – Jeremy Zucker (again bad words, but the tune’s oddly therapeutic to me)

7. GLAD YOU CAME – The Wanted (this one’s old, but give it a chance)

8. ROCKSTAR/ HOW YOU REMIND ME – Nickleback (again, the songs are ancient, but old is gold right? And yes, those are two separate songs, I just felt like they needed to take one spot. I DON’T KNOW OKAY. SUE ME)


Now you may have heard some of these, and that’s okay. I said you MIGHT not know them.

Well, that’s all I have for you now.

So until next time.




Why Smoke Cigarettes, When You Can Just Breathe Delhi Air?

I wish I could say that this city wasn’t growing more hazardous for its inhabitants every day. But every time the words form and I open my mouth to utter them, I see the thick layer of smoke and fog hanging above like a looming threat.

Sometimes I think, you know, this city isn’t that bad after all. I have all I ever need. I go to a good school, I have amazing friends, my family always wants the best for me.

Yeah, I’ve got it made.

Or do I?

Oxygen is a basic human necessity, along with water, food etc. You could survive a few days without food if it came to it. Maybe a few without water.

But oxygen? You only survive six minutes without oxygen after your heart stops. After that your brain shuts down.

Basically, you die.

So you can imagine how scary it is to have pollution levels sky-high and having to breathe in the smoke laden air every single minute of every single day, only to see it get worse.

Sure I can wear a pollution mask, I can buy an air purifier, I can hold my breath while walking to the car with its air purifier as well.

But I can’t be distracted from the fact that every time I don’t do one of those things, my lungs are having to suffer. That, not just me, every single person has difficulty breathing.

That people are dying because of this.

We took the air we breathe for granted.

And look where we are now.


If I Could Go Back In Time

In my school, there’s a yearly event called ‘Lit Fest’ where everyone dresses up as their favourite book/comic character and participates in various activities and competitions. One of the competitions (to my excitement) was writing, and the topic was ‘If I Could Go Back In Time’. 

Yesterday, the day of the literary festival, the winners were announced, and to my immense happiness, I won!! 

I wanted to share the story with all of you because I think everyone can relate to it on some level or the other…hope you like it!



I’ve watched enough time-travelling movies to know that altering the past too much can have serious consequences and could cause a considerable amount of damage. So if I could go back in time, what would I do?



Bangalore, India

I wake to find my parents seated at the edge of my bed, their faces sad and sympathetic. I wonder what’s wrong. The rest of my family is in the living room, all wearing the same expressions of sadness and loss. My stomach clenches, knowing that something bad has happened before they can tell me what it was.

My face freezes in disbelief before the tears begin to fall, but soon numbness takes over and I get ready and get into the car.

The house is filled with people, I don’t recognize all of them. I still haven’t met all my relatives.

My cousin and I sit on the steps eating food, him oblivious to all the sorrow in the air around us, me wanting to forget it all. And for a moment, I think my 5 year old mind does.


My grandmother’s face is peaceful. It always was. But instead of making me feel peaceful it makes me sad. I wonder why dead people’s faces are so serene. I ask my mother if my grandmother is happy where she is. My mother says yes.

We eat food out of a banana leaf for lunch. Everyone is quiet, and when they speak, their murmurs are soft. I wonder if I can call my grandmother in heaven. I ask my mother and she gives me a sad smile.

I don’t remember the last conversation I had with her. I wish I did. All these people here in my grandparents’ house, I wonder if they already miss her as much as I do.

I wish I could have said good-bye. If only I could go back in time.


via Daily Prompt: Priceless


The plane tickets are booked

And your bags are all packed

The plan’s been discussed

And your suitcases stacked

The cab will be here soon

And you hurry around the house

Fretting and panicking

Over what you might have forgotten

You step out, lock the door, and take a deep breath

Looking at your home before you leave for a while

Soon, you’re on the flight and you relax in your seat

And smile as you think

About the sights you’ll soon see

And all the priceless experiences there are going to be

And after a while the plane lands with a slight thud

And you pick up your luggage and step of the plane

And walk out the airport excited and thrilled

But you’ll still miss home, you know you will!




The Wall

The boxes filled with all my books were so heavy it took considerable effort pushing them to the side so I could make room for some more boxes. And there’s still so much left. All the stuff in my study desk, my entire wardrobe. I get back to work.

My room looks different now, with all the furniture gone it looks so empty, so bare. All except for the wall facing the door. There’s nothing quite interesting about the wall, it’s just plain old white like the rest of the house. It’s what’s on the wall. It’s the drawings. So colourful, filling up the space and making everything a little brighter. It’s the photos. Stuck and pinned everywhere on the wall at random, overlapping drawings where I couldn’t find space. If you looked closely, you’d see movie tickets, plane tickets, clippings of anything that I liked. Printouts of posts and memes that never failed to make me laugh. Quotes and paintings I’d made on pieces of wood and hung up. All of it merging into one big splash of colour. A little strip on the top where it was just bare wall, too high up for me to reach even when I stood on the ladder. I pushed some boxes aside so the wall was in full view, and I sat down on the floor in the middle of my room. Looking at every picture, every sketch, every painting. Each of them documenting everything in the past year. Each one holding a memory that bubbled to the surface when you looked at it.  A memory that made me smile that made me reminisce. I don’t know how long I sat there. Looking at all the little things I had put up on the wall. Little snippets of my life. All in one place.

I pick myself up off the floor after what seems like ages. I had been warned that if I stopped to think about every little thing, I’d never get anywhere. But how could I not think about all of it? I was leaving this little house, with its little garden out front, and its backyard filled with leaves. The terrace where I once gazed at the few stars visible in the city. We’d be leaving it soon. Every trace of us gone. It would be like we’d never lived here. Except for the memories.

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